Our Slogan



      Our Center is created for you, so that your life has become
brighter and happier you.

      After all, everyone is so unique and unique, we can hardly help
formulaic Council. Do we seek to live an interesting life and breathe
- which we sincerely wish to you!

      Our uniqueness

In this paper, we use methods that have proven safe and effective.
We have a practical basis for effective learning.
In our center, created and maintained by the atmosphere of safety,
acceptance, support and disclosure of creative abilities of our
customers and employees.
      Our Psychological Center is able to offer a pretty wide range
of services: a variety of psychological training, psychological
testing and the creation of a psychological portrait of the
individual, individual counseling psychologist and psychotherapist,
family therapy, psychological counseling of children - parents and
family relations, educational activities for children of preschool age
(diagnosis and the development of thought, speech, memory, attention,
creativity), preparing the child for school. Intervention classes:
hyperactivity, attention deficits, increased aggression, anxiety,
sluggishness, autism, childhood fears, neuroses in children, mental
retardation. Psychological help on - line.

      Since each of our specialists has its compensation direction
and counseling, at the Psychological Center all modern psychological
techniques and trends, including family therapy, psychoanalysis,
behavior therapy, body-oriented techniques, Gestalt psychology,

      Psychology Today everybody needs: housewives and businessmen,
managers and teachers, military and artists, politicians and voters

      Know yourself, understand yourself, build relationships with
loved ones, to resolve internal mental conflict, to find the necessary
resources for personal growth, to resolve conflicts, improve their
lives, survive the loss of or separation from loved ones, reduce
anxiety about their future and their children's future - that's what
for what have come to the psychologist.

      For us to seek psychological help for stress, depression,
neurosis, obsessive sostoyaony and on the development of the child.
This treatment is often associated with anxiety parents on child's
mental development, speech delay, and various neuroses. Then discover
the need for psychological counseling are themselves parents. Thus,
the principles of which we adhere, help in the selection of the
optimal type of counseling, psychotherapy, remedial and developmental
classes or training.

      Psychological Center - a team of professional psychologists
different directions.

      Our main task - practical psycho-pedagogical and psychological
care for children, adults, teams and organizations. Teamwork
specialists in related fields (psychology, education and medicine)
helps us to cope with the most difficult cases.

      The basic principles that guide us in the work - is to follow
the ethical standards of the psychologist:

individual approach
      We believe in people and we know that every person is talented
and has its own unique ability to grow and change.

      We are grateful to all those who believe in us, support us and
cooperate with us.

      We are grateful to all children and adults who applied to our
center for help.

      Thank you for your confidence in our professionalism!


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